The concept of sin!

Today most people in Western society especially in America do not even know what sin is. According to many source I have read over the years is sin mean missing the mark. We all know what is right and what is wrong for the most part. Therefore, human beings should have standards on how they need to act in society. These rules keep the balance and checks. However, many deny there is a God nor there is good or evil in the world. The church as whole is to blame, we have not kept people attending services or masses depending on your branch of Christianity. I believe these lines draw to separate christians into sub groups are at fault with this too. We are all sinners and lacking the glory of God. We have come to think sin is such a part of us, that there is no different from any other behavior. The churches today need to make a different and bring people back to God. There are many unchurched in USA , where some have never heard the Gospel of Jesus. We need to bring people back to the churches. Jesus kingdom must be build by our hands and this christian duty.

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