We live in age, where American-Africans descent are shot and killed and no justice is being done. Welive in society where free speech means to mock and be little someone else beliefs is ok.  And people wonder why there violent in our society. If I was someone of African descent, I would not truth the cops,even more then already do. It seem just in past year give or take young American-Africans are being shot and killed. I wish to try to be open mind and give the benefit of the doubt. However, Trayvan Martin was attacked and killed for just being black. George Zimmerman decided this young man was out of place and went after him. Trayvon young black man saw a creepy dude follow him in the rain and he was then attack. Zimmerman murdered him and claim self-defense. He was arrest and put on trail and he got away with it. Next Michael Brown possibly a criminal who just robbed a store, he attack the officer Wilson. Wilson shot and killed Michael Brown. I think it possible this case Wilson was attack and he defense himself. I feel he was  possible given bum rap, but  I was not there. Now Baltimore with Freddie Gray was arrested and taken into custody and he has his neck broken. There is no excuse for this and on top of it, he was innocent. He did not have a weapon, they claim he did. Now, we shall see, if he was get justice. Six police officers were arrested and will face trail. Now just the other day, A cop shot 13 times into a car, with two unarm people and he got off.  He should lost his job and face some actions.He murdered  these people and face no crime for it. How can someone of African descent trust any cop in this city after this ?  American-Africans have serious truth issue and white America need to come to terms with serious injustice done to black communities across America.

Now let take another issue to task. Right now, it seem to be in vogue to attack and be littleother people faiths or cultures. A horrible a event happen in France this past year, all because of somestupid cartoons that were just rude and disrespect of Arabs and their faith. Many of these cartoons are just rude and crude. They draw arabs as, if they are savages. Many great things that we take for granted as invent or preserve by Muslims to one degree to another. Now not all Muslims and Arabs are thesame and this need to be taken into account. However, these French trouble makers, felt that it was okto mock them especially, however they also mock Christians and Jews, others. But, some Muslims arecrazy even to do something. I am Christian and I believe in Jesus, many mock my Lord daily. But, I do not feel the need to attack these heathens. However, some Muslims felt otherwise. I can not help, but feel these people were asking for it. I do not call them martyrs, nor do I think what wrote was professionaldone. However, any form of violent is never justified in this day and age. If God is so great he, will happen these issue in his due time.  All we can do, is the best we can and try to be a good Christian or Muslim or Jew.  These are just couple of examples going on in the world today.

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