The saints 

It about time for Protestants to embrace the saints again. The word santo/a mean holy and there St who mean holy one. Since we are saved by Jesus alone, we all are saints. Now these saints who the church remembers were a bit more outstanding and did more then some do. However, they are example to rest of us and we should remember their feast days as reminders of what we can do too. Just like St Mary the Virgin, we can obey and listen to God. By being humble and carry Christ in our own way. Mary did not always under her son and even possible got angry at him. Remember when he stay behind and was at the temple for three days. Mary and Joseph were freaking out. Imagine poor Mary, she lost the Son of God. She even seem to bug him at times and worry about him. She was there when he turn water into wine and was with him as he was torture and murdered by the Roman Empire. Now she was told in her youth most likely when she. Was 12 or 14 year old, she would suffer in taking care of him. She saw that they arrested him and lead him away beat him and whip him. She saw him carry the cross and final died on the cross. She was with the apostles in upper corner room when Holy Ghost came up on them. According to legend she was taken care of John and either stay in Holy land or went Asia mine either him. Also according legend she she get to 72 years old, she either past away and her body and soul were taken up, or she never died and went to heaven. Paradox, it sound simpler to Jesus death and resurrection, however if look to rev 12:1-6. The child is taken up and this is seen as Jesus and woman is seen by some as church and other as Mary. I think it Mary and this is example of assumption or Sleeping of sleep of Mary. I grew up Catholic and gave special place in my heart for Mary. She always telling us to listen to her son. Do as he said, she told workers who saw water turn to Wine. So listen to Jesus and realise the saints are example for us and if ask your follow christian to pray for you why not a saint in heaven? If they in paradise could do any harm? This of course is just asking for their prayers, not them doing anything. Rather God alone does stuff for us, but saints just Maybe have his ear too. St Francis is role model to me and I look to him as example of how to be more like Christ, there are other wonder saints you can explore, Dr King was a saint and another example to look too. 

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