American or Christian? 

    Being Christian and American is very common. Many Americans are both and this is even not a issue for them. According to Pew Research 70% claim to be Christian. The media is hyping up that we lost 8% less then decade. I think when we lost about 30%m then we got problem. What do ironic is the fact most of the final fathers were not Christian, but Deist who attend a christian church, but deny basic Christian concepts. Such as deny Jesus was divine or that he did any miracles. Heretic as thomas Jefferson took apart the scriptures removing all the miracles from the Bible. He was no christian, nor was George Washington. He did not believe Jesus was risen from the dead, however, this does not make them bad people, but they were imperialist and slave owners and they were ok with mocking Christian. They are not people I look up too, that for sure, furthermore, if we’re not for them those, I would have their land as my own. So I thank them for their concept even, if some of their thinking was heretical. 

     I happen to be Progressive politically and middle of the road on religion. I hear many on “the left” who belittle religion. now people on “the right” who claim to be Christian or some form of religion. I heard on the Radio, The constitution is law and the Bible is not. I agree that religion and state need to be separate, but the Bible is Holy and the constitution is not. Jesus is Lord and not the constitution. Please do not get me wrong, I love America and agree with laws for most part. but, America very much about martialism this is never a good thing. But, what so great about this Nation you can speak your mind here. Speak Ill of the Nation and not be arrested, unless it illegal action you are doing and you should be. However, American system is set up for changing and is constantly evoluting to make America the great Nation could be.The Constitution is living breathing institution and it be a good thing or bad. As an American who is also Christian I must focus on helping the poor and needy. Which is not as important to the American government (specially the Republicans). The Republicans claim to be the party of morals, but they seem to be in the pocket of the rich. They are against Social Security and Medicare. Their even talk getting ride of private schools and unfunding public library. This will allow the dumbing down of America. They are against government resources for the poor and needy. I could not vote for them in good conscious, since they against everything except the business valves. Keep in mind when say Republicans I mean the ones in power, rather everyday Americans republicans.

     Now Democrats are really not that different, but they offer people something. Until we have real third party nothing is going to change. President Obama the past four years has pretty much deny his basic rights to do his job. These Republicans are either racist or just so narrow mind. I like to think the ladder, since they have never treat a white president like this?  It is so frustrating do to the facts Obama is black and they claim he is not American. But, his Mama was white and American therefore he is American. I do not agree with Democrats on their hardcore stand on pro choice. Please understand this more of moral issue then legal. I do not feel the government has the right tell woman what to do with body. However, late term abortion is going beyond fairness too. The Fetus is life and should be respect it as well. I think it clear in the Bible that life is holy and pure. We need to respect and protect them. Many female fetuses are killed the most, because the parent wanted the boy over a girl. I want to service and protect my fellow human beings, especially those who voice is muted or deny. 

     This why I am for Gay marriage and this to me is basic right. Being gay is not a choice and even, if were is not right force your valves on another? Jesus tell us the Sabbath was man for humanity well being, rather then to control men. Thankfully most of the supreme court now voted in favor of gay rights and this awesome.We need to show compassion to others especially those who are deny a voice. The gay community needs to be allow to function and be given same right as others. We need to respect different people with different perspectives. I am Christian first, but loyal American afterward. This great nation has allow my family to voice it own options and valves. My descent were from glorest Ireland and Germany back in 1800’s. They came for a better lives. Now, I am from them and there descents who fully benefited from their travels. They spoke different languages such as Gaelic and German and even Italian. There is no better place to be, They struggled to make this American Dream. I am living proof of it being possible. God bless America, my home sweet home. 

       But our original sin, slavary is still there. We need to do more for young American Africans especially for young men, who are shot in cold blood for being black. I must admit, I do not see America Africans as much as I like, but where I live there really is not that many. I remember some years ago an America African who was trying to sell stuff in there area. He had barge that show he was former prisoner and he was trying to better himself. He was trying to hitch a ride and this was illegal, but in this area there is no bus. Some local were not please. My brother was scary of this person, just before the former prisoner was trying to hitch a ride by him. I am shame to admit, but we called the cops. Just letting the authorities know what he. Was doing. Maybe this was racist act by me? I try to be open mind, but maybe I was not in this moment? We must keep trying to improve and evolve into better person. Father forgive me. Now, we need to require all cops to carry body camera and require they are used at least in more mintories communities. Being Black should not be crime, but in many cases, it seem so. Lord Jesus said it best, Do until other as you would have undone yourself. I fail in that maybe and I am sorry, but next time I will do better. We should not see people as colors, but as human beings. 

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