The Age of terror 

Once again two terrorist attacks have happen one in Orlando and the other at Airport in Istanbul, Turkey. These people were all killed,because they did not agree with  Daesh’s Demented understanding of Islam. They are not true Muslims,because Islam is about peace and these people are Demonic or satanic. They are murdering people of the book that Muhammad told they to protect. There is story in Koran, where a follower of Muhammad who two children convert to Christisnity. Their father wanted to have them killed, but Muhammand told him this was wrong. Muhammand was a man of peace and prophet and he would never harm innocent people. Any group that go after women and children are monsters and Daesh is evil. There will come a point where in time when Nate will have no option,but to come down to Syria and destory this group. Another terrorist decide to shot up. Gay night club on Latin night. This ass hat, was on terrorist list and was working for security company. He was able to get a gun, even he was watch list twice by FBI. Once again,the Republican control senate and House refuse to do nothing. Keep in mind when 20 innocent children were murder in Sandy hook, they also did nothing. The Democrats  try to do something, however did not get the job done. We need to vote these yahoos out and get people who are not in the pocket of Big business. Anyways, this guy most likely was closet gay and he hated who and what he was. Do, he goes n shooting at this club killing 49 human beings for what ? Because they choke to love someone? One of the victim was a nursing student and she was slots out, but saw her friend was missing. She went back and was killed, because she love her friend. She was not was not A coward, like most of us. May her soul rest in people with her friend. Now three other ass hats, came from former soviet nations and went to join Daesh only to leave. They were train soldiers and they have bombs. Thanks to brave men and women protesting that airport they could only do limited damage. What wrong with these people? Claiming to believe in God (Allah) and behave in such a manner! 

We must follow God and offer love and respect for all People. It is important to know Jesus 
is about going the extra mile for people. He told us to give until it hurts. If you have more then you need do not be afraid to offer it to people in need. We are called to do something praying is not enough. Jesus suffer and died on the cross for us which took over three hours and the night before he was beaten and whip for our sins. We must give time to God send to offer compassion for this hat what it mean to be Christian. 

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