Dr Michael King aka Dr Martin Luther King Jr

Today the nation and the church remember this great man, who was a prophet. We are in the the year of 2018 and racism is still in it full bloom. We have a tan clown in White House claiming African nations is shit hole . Yet, most American and myself are great grand children of refugees. Just like Lord Jesus and his parents were during the reign of King Herod. Jesus would go back to his homeland and became our prophet, King, priest. Many of us lost our identities and intermix that we are mutts. We are Americans now and this our land people. However, Africa-Americans are still second class people. Many of them are shot and killed by their own people and by the polices who are suppose to service and protect them. We had Blackman in the White House and most us never thought this was possible. Dr. King’ dream still has not fully happen. People are still judge over the colour and creed and gender or sexuality. When all should matter is we are all made in imagine of God and love should only matters. Let us hope our better angels help us to love more then hate. There need to be real police reform and to make real chance. All police should have body camera and this will show, if there action was right. Philander Castile was a man, who crime was that he was black and this scard police man, shot and kill him for no reason. He had a right to carry that gun and he was showing poof. If he was white, this police man would be fired and possible arrested. We must do more and demand more for our African Americans who are our fellow citzens. This must stop and we must Demand more. If you want chance you must make it happen. My people came here and were spit and disrespect and only when risen up did get better treatment. We need to ask more from fellow citEns if any colour or creed or sexual orientation. Forgive Us Father for we have sin.

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