July 4th week rethinking America

Greetings in the name of the Lord,

As we come to the 4th of July this year in 2019 we must ponder what it means to be American again. We are not a nation of ethnic heritage but I nation that came to agree of 51 states and originally just 13 colony. We have done a long way from being just hire male Protestant nation build on the lie of equity for all, when we had Africans stolen from there land bring over here to be slaves. To my best research my ancestors did not come to American until 1859 and beyond. My people came from Ireland and Germany and Switzerland and Greek-Italians. None of my people that I known of were never own slaves, but maybe the Roman one did. My Irish ancestors came to America because we persecuted in Ireland for being Catholic. My people were Smith, McCarthy , mcCqbe, McNamara , McGovern and O’ Brian. I know for sure John McCabe and his wife Ann McCall came over with Mary. They from Co Cavan. My ancestor had to fight for everything in America they were not welcome, nor sadly modern refugee. Who are just trying to survive in Central America by leaving their homes and families behind. As of now were under a hateful admiration who cares more and the rich and white. When more and more Americans getting darker. This being call the browning of America. This will change America hopefully for the better. Only time will tell. There will be painful changes and some even unknown by most. American will go on and the great experiment is evolving. Trump will not define Us by his hatred of people of colour. Jesus was not what you call an tradition Western European, he was from south west Asia. So he also pass as a Egyptian and Moses tool we know at least two of Lord Jesus ancestors were Africa and most like Nergo in Origin. So if you hate people of color you hate God. As a white man a privilege I do not know what is like to be on minor in America. The hundred year ago my people work a consider second-class, because we were catholic and sadly many people of that age were bigots toward us. We were call paddy and mick and niggers turn insider out. We were not welcome and we had to fight for our rights and these new Hispanic in grants will most likely have to do the same. For they more just catholic, but of colour. Mind you race is myth and a person should just die by their character and behavior. You want to change the world look at your and make that change. Maybe when see someone who is lost or confuse offer them help. Remember for those who claim to be Christ followers we are to love all even our enemies. I pray for Trump and the republican can party to change their hateful ways and to be part who believe slavery was wrong.. Dr Michael Luther King Jr once said ” I have dream that one day my children with white children will be treat as equals and will be judge by their character then their skin pigment. Right now people of colour are being shot and killed by the police for just being black. This most stop and we as society need to d mind changes. It not just the politicians and government people jobs, but are as well. You do not believe in gay marriage do not have one, but not your place to force this on others. If gay couple ask you to make them cake, why not? Why are you being so petty? God bless you and your love ones

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