Being lock up

Dear brother and sisters in Christ,

I know many of you are going stir crazy but this lockdown is going to stop the spread of this terrible virus. If you have love ones over 63, This will keep them healthy and alive. So instead gave frustrated make time with your loved ones play a board game or watch a movie. How about reading the Bible together and pray that we find a cure for this coronavirus. We have to pray for the medical staff over the world special Italy and China and a great state New York. We need to relax and chill out. maybe this is the time when you’ll be able to spend time with your loved ones to get to know each other better. I know you need some space, but take time to cherish your love ones. By staying home, you keeping yourself others from getting this disease. According to the experts they say it’s only matter of time, when will hit your community. Let just try to keep Calm and wash your hands.

Why connect with VOAD/COAD during the COVD-19 pandemic?

  • When a pandemic occurs, members of VOAD/COAD want you to know they are a resource!
  • Regular VOAD/COAD meetings allow opportunities for networking; developing relationships; education; developing a plan of operation; and sharing tools, resources, and expertise.
  • VOAD/COAD ensures more streamlined, effective disaster relief delivery to the pandemic-affected by practicing the 4Cs:
  • Cooperation—Creating mutual trust and teamwork among member organizations, providing a platform for sharing of information.
  • Communication—Serving as a clearinghouse for efficient dissemination of available services.
  • Coordination—Ensuring maximum efficiency in service delivery and avoidance of duplication of efforts.
  • Collaboration—Encouraging partnering in relief efforts and augmentation of asset and resource management to meet unmet needs.

To connect with VOAD and COAD please visit the following websites:

Prayer for People Critically Ill or Facing Great Uncertainty

God of the present moment,
God who in Jesus stills the storm
and soothes the frantic heart;
bring hope and courage to all
who wait or work in uncertainty.

Bring hope that you will make them the equal
of whatever lies ahead.

Bring them courage to endure what cannot be avoided,
for your will is health and wholeness;
you are God, and we need you.

-Adapted from New Zealand Prayer Book, p. 765

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