Matthew 6.1-6, 16-18

This season of the church year has always been my favorite and the next forty days we will wonder and think about our deeds and lack of. We will be remind of what Lord Yeshua did for us and how he suffer and his mother too. We are to ponder especially this day because we have ashes put on our far heard to remind us of short comings and that yes we will died too. I have Baffled by the gospel reading. Here we’re making a big somebody or death and yet Jesus is telling us it’s not the outward appearance but it’s what the inward appearances of the soul. Are we living a Godly life? Are we follow the Ten Commandments? This is not always taken into account by many societies. Especially in America where is the separation of church and state is clearly stated to us from the moment we were in school. Remember we’re Christians first before everything and that even means being Christian before being American. This is that say that we’re against America but the gospel is more important than the constitution. This is not to say break laws and to disobey our society rather we have to work to change things and make it better and we ourselves must be hold accountable to our values and that necessarily for some of the others but speak up for our values as well. So for the next 40 days I ask you to ponder have you been living up to your full potential following Christ or have you been lacking. Maybe pick up the Bible pray the rosary you’re the Anglican rosary whatever works for you and Jesus prayer so just for the next month try to do your best to follow Christ.

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