To those reading this page, grace and peace to you. Welcome to the webpage of the North American Ecumenical Catholic Church. We are one of many Catholic churches who comprise the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church through out the world.We are a Catholic faith community with ministries across America who support the People of God by way of sacraments, education, hospital ministry, and others that are in the process of forming. As clergy we are young and old, experienced and in formation, married and single.The NACEC sees the opportunity of welcoming any person who is or wants to be Catholic into a church that is open and welcoming to people of different gifts, strengths, charisms, backgrounds, orientations, challenges, and mindsets. Do we want to be everything for everybody all the time? Well, yes. But as nice as that sounds for a brochure or sound bite on an advertisement, we know we can’t be all those. As clergy and as people we know what it is like to be disenfranchised from parishes, churches, and ministries. We know what it is like to be hurt in the name of God and Our Lord. And we don’t want that to happen to anyone else. We have been called a progressive and liberal Catholic Church because we welcome divorce and remarried men and women, gays and lesbians, and others disenfranchized from their spiritual communities. Who we welcome is the People of God, whomever you are, and where ever you are on your spiritual journeys.The NACEC is part of the Old Catholic/Independent Catholic tradition and movement in the United States, and throughout the world. If you are a priest or cleric looking for a church or an individual looking for a church to call your home, let us know. As a church body we are open to clerics of good standing wanting the freedom to develop your own mission, and to provide an umbrella of networking for your priesthood. For those looking for a home parish that is open and welcoming, if we don’t have a priest or ministry in your area we may be able to assist you to contact one. Our reward in knowing that the People of God are served.Please Note: The NACEC is an autocephalous Catholic faith community and not under papal jurisdiction; neither the NACEC nor its parishes or minsitries are affiliated with or subject to the Roman Catholic Church or the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Santa Fe. We make no claim to be “Roman” Catholic nor need to.We call ourselves “North American” because we are uniquely American Catholics- We believe in and practice an open communion table: All are children of God and All are Welcome! We are part of the American tradition of making choices that are meaningful to our lives, including our spiritual and religious preferences. The NACEC is an open and affirming reformed catholic faith community. We celebrate diversity!We are “Catholic” both in practice (worship) and the deposit of faith through the bishop and clergy whose lines trace back to theoriginal apostles. We celebrate all 7 Sacraments, the Mass, the Real Presence in the Eucharist, veneration for Mary and the Saints, and encourage traditional pius practices such as the Rosary and Benediction.We are “Ecumenical” because, we include all people and interact with all faiths and invite all present to our CommunionTable.We are “Church” because we preach the Gospel to the people of God. We are an open and inviting church to those whohave had parish membership or weddings and marriage declined, baptism declined, are gay or straight, young or old, sinlge or in relationships, and those looking for a spiritual community.Are you interested in helping us build a faith community?

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